What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a unique state of awareness, in which a person can achieve special physiological and psychological experiences, beneficial for his personal goals. In the medical hypnotherapy setting, the therapist-hypnotist helps the patient, in his own way and rhythm, to go into a pleasant state and gain access to powers, memories and abilities that usually are in the unconscious areas of the human experience.
For example, in a hypnotic trance the person can experience special concentration, deep relaxation ,time distortion, hypermnesia, analgesia, vivid imagination… Each of the hypnotic trance phenomena can be used by the patient in dealing with a certain problem or challenge in life.

Who is allowed to use hypnotherapy in Israel?
In Israel, the “Hypnosis law” was established in 1983. This law regulates that only medical doctors and psychologists are allowed to use hypnotherapy in their practice, and only in their area of expertise. After receiving the qualification and special license in hypnotherapy from the Ministry of Health , the psychologist\physician are allowed to use hypnosis as a part of treatment.

When is hypnotherapy effective?
For many years, research and clinical work has shown that hypnotherapy is an efficient method of treatment for a wide range of psychological and medical conditions. Apart from psychotherapy, hypnosis is scientifically proven to be effective in dealing with: pain, gastroenterology problems, phobias and anxieties, smoking cessation, losing weight, etc.
In fact, the feelings of special concentration, control and relaxation, enable the patient to use his\her unconscious abilities, while better understanding and dealing with almost every aspect of life.

I use hypnosis in my work as a therapist for many years- with individuals in my private clinic , hospitals and teaching psychologists and doctors.
I have never met such an effective and powerful tool for therapy, that helps so many people to cope with emotional and physical difficulties.

Hypnosis is good for almost everyone.

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